This exciting and private adventure provides an opportunity to enjoy the diverse beauty of the country as we travel deep into the Costa Rican rainforest on this thrilling four-wheel-drive excursion for a private getaway with your entire group or family. We will travel up the mountain through some of the most beautiful areas of the country, traveling through the palm plantation, crossing streams, past local towns and journey to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Central America.

Upon our arrival, we will walk across a heart-pounding and thrilling suspension bridge approximately 400 feet to one of the most incredible waterfalls in the area. After a short hike, we then end up at a very refreshing swimming hole with it’s own waterfall. Not wanting the day to end, we will hike down below the gorge to one of the most incredible views where 6 waterfalls converge and you can again swim, stand under the falls (which feels like a natural massage) or just take numerous pictures – an amazing site… Don’t forget your bathing suit! We also stop for an incredible lunch on our way back…..

Includes: Transportation, guide, jeep and lunch.

What to bring: Camera, sandals or comfortable shoes, poncho, bathing suit and towel.


We will take you to a %100 forest natural habitat and show you all kind of creatures such as frogs, lizards, mammals, insects, spiders, snakes birds and much more. The beautiful symphony of a tropical rain forest at night is one of the most exiting experiences; turn off the lights for a moment and listen to all the secrete sounds.

This tour takes place at EL SEIBO WILDIFE REFUGE, created in 2015 and is on of largest natural refuges in the Central Pacific of Costa Rica and is directly connected to Manuel Antonio National Park. Located just 10 minutes from the towns of Manuel Antonio and Quepos.

Includes: Transportation, tour guide, flashlights, entrance fee.

What to bring: closed shoes, camera, raincoat and light clothing.


This national park is one of the most famous in our country due to its wide variety of flora and fauna specimens. On this Manuel Antonio tour you will be accompanied by a nature guide who is knowledgeable about everything you will see. The trail you will take is flat and picturesque and loops through the park making your course approximately 2 miles long. Throughout the hike your guide will stop and explain the different nature specimens that can be observed, you can take photographs or just admire the view. Half way through the hike you will make a leisure stop at the third beach located within the national park. You will have approximately 20 minutes to rest on the beach or play among the waves if you so choose.

Throughout the hike you will be able to observe, 3 of 4 monkey species in Costa Rica, sloths, birds and reptiles as well as admire orchids, butterflies and tropical trees. Your guide is equipped with professional telescope that you can use to observe wildlife and take pictures with a different perspective. Upon finishing the tour you will be provided with transportation back to your hotel.

Includes: Transportation, bilingual guides, park entrance fee and snacks.

What to bring: Suntan lotion, camera, sunglasses, hiking shoes (beach towel and bathing suit optional).


Everyone knows about Manuel Antonio´s famed national park, but if you’re looking for something more off-the-beaten path, there’s another great option. Rainmaker Conservation Project located just outside Quepos is a private nature reserve with beautiful scenery, hiking trails, hanging bridges, waterfalls, tons of birds, interesting plants and wildlife. Rainmaker is home to Morpho butterflies varieties of birds, including the Chestnut-mandibled Toucan, Blue-crowned Manakin, Black-throated Trogon, and Baird’s Trogon, you can also see the colorful poison dart frog, whiptail lizard and incredible reptiles. At the end of the walk a pristine waterfall pool will beckon you to enjoy a refreshing dip. Continuing up the trails, visitors will come to different canopy bridge system that consists of different suspension bridges.

These hanging bridges are suspended high above the ground, giving you a unique vantage point from which to observe the rainforest. They are narrow and rickety, so if you’re afraid of heights, you might want to skip them.

Includes: Transportation, bilingual guide, park entrance fee and lunch.

What to bring: walking shoes, light clothes, swim suit, towel, binoculars, sun protection, bug repellent, camera and dry clothes.



Paddle board on Costa Rica’s most lush coastine. Wheather a first timer or an avid paddle boarder; there is not a better spot to enjoy paddle boarding than Manuel Antonio. Our certified guides will get you standing up right away and will offer tips to get you paddling like a pro. Your destination will be 1 of 5 beaches that you will not visit on any other tour.



Includes: Transportation / Snacks / Water

What to bring: Sandals or Flip Flops / Waterproof Camera / Towel /Sunscreen

Mininum age: All, little kids must paddle with their parents.



Let's hike through the Jungle (45min) to one of mother nature's water parks. Jump, swim, climb, and explore at this two tier waterfall. We first head to the bottom waterfall of Nauyaca. This waterfall has a 80ft face. Swim in the huge pool at the bottom or the waterfall. Or if you are feeling more adventurous, have one of our guides take you to one of the 3 areas you can jump from (7ft, 25ft, 33ft). There are also areas to explore and take pictures. We spend about an hour and a half at the bottom waterfall.

We then head to the upper waterfall. Up here we will encounter a 190ft waterfall, there are areas to explore, climb and take pictures. We usually spend about 45min at the upper falls. The hike back is a little easier since most of the hike is downhill. We will finish the day with Lunch at Sancho’s.

Includes: Transportation / Snacks / Water/ Lunch

What to bring: Shoes or Rugged Sandals (NO Flip Flops) / Camera/ Towel / Sunscreen / Bug Spray / Extra Set of Dry Clothes

Max/Min Of Persons: 20 max / 4 min


See it all and see it like a local. You will enjoy the ocean, jungle, beach, waterfalls, and swimming holes in this full day of adventure. The theme of this tour is "Off the Beaten Path". You will not experience another tour like this in Costa Rica. We pick you up and head South to some of our favorite waterfalls in the country. We will visit 3 different waterfalls, each waterfall has a swimming hole, places to explore, areas to jump from and 1 waterfall even has a 20ft natural water slide.


We will also visit a semi private beach that is outlined with caves and palm trees. Get away from the crowds and enjoy Costa Rica like a Local.


Perfect tour for families with wide range in ages.

Includes: Transportation / Lunch / Natural Fruit Drink / Snacks / Water.

What to bring: Shoes or Rugged Sandals (NO Flip Flops) / Camera / Towel / Sunscreen / Bug Spray / Extra Set of Dry Clothes.

Max/Min Of Persons: 20 max / 4 min


Enjoy this exploration of the protected Damas Mangrove forest and witness nature at his best from the security of the boat led by a professional naturalist guide along the delta swamps of the Mangroves. Observe innumerable bird specimens, reptiles and white faced monkeys.

A mangrove forest is where trees grow in coastal sediment from the ocean, which causes unique underwater root system to attract various species of animals.

Damas Island is a perfect retreat for travelers of any age. Anyone from children to senior citizens can enjoy the scenic boat tours through the mangroves. You can choose within a comfortable and safe covered boat or an easy paddle by kayak that will allow you to float under the protection of the mangrove rainforest by silently observing the beauty of your surrounding. Lunch will be served after you return from the boat tour.

Includes: Transportation, bilingual guides, beverages and lunch or dinner.

What to bring: Sun block, sunglasses, camera, hat, visor, mosquito repellent.


(KSTR) specializes in the rescue and release of wild rainforest animals. There are many amazing and unique success stories to hear firsthand from our animal caretaker. In addition to helping injured and abandoned animals regain their health and return to the wild there are many animals which cannot be released, and KSTR offers safe sanctuary to them. As you can imagine, this takes a good deal of time and money to run a wildlife rescue center and sanctuary primarily funded from donations, volunteer stays and tours.


We invite you to see in person the dedication and love it takes to help save these rainforest animals. You will see the following animals in the Sanctuary; 5 types of monkeys, including Spider Monkeys, White Faced Monkeys, Squirrel Monkeys, Tamarins, & Marmosets, the nocturnal Kinkajous (if they are awake) and parrots. After the tour enjoy refreshments and get refreshed around our gorgeous mountain view pool.

Includes: Transportation & light snack at the end of the tour .

What to bring: sturdy closed toe shoes; bug spray, sunscreen, towel, swimsuit, and a camera but no flash!


Villa Vanilla is a farm of 27 acres in tropical agriculture production surrounded by 125 acres of primary and secondary rainforest. This farm is certified organic/biodynamic by Demeter USA. This tour offers you the opportunity to experience the sights, tastes and aromas of tropical spices, essential oil plants, sustainable farming practices, spice drying and packaging. Crops include vanilla, cinnamon, cocoa, black pepper, allspice plus a variety of exotic fruits, essential oil and medicinal plants. Tour begins in the post harvest/warehouse where you will observe spice drying, processing and packaging.

Then you will enter the plantation by way of our unique “Epiphyte Trail”, (Orchids, Bromeliads & Tilandsias) where you will smell and taste aromatic spices and herbs. Then we continue past our pasture and fishpond on to savor vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate treats and mountain vistas.

Includes: Transportation, bilingual guided tour and tasting

What to bring: Sun block, insect repellent, cash for shopping vanilla beans and extracts (they don’t take credit cards).


Leaving the Marina Pez Vela of Quepos in a 31 ft. boat, we start our journey along the coast of Manuel Antonio which the total duration is approximately 2 h ½! Reaching Biezans beach we will snorkel for 1 hour around volcanic rocks, this beach stands out for a great variety of fish and marine species, afterwards we take a break with fruit and water! The journey continues looking for our second snorkeling site where will see different species, there after we end our adventure. Globo, estrellas de mar, pargos, sargento, and more..

Includes: Fruits & Water, snorkel Equipment, bilingual Guide, transport round trip, lifejacket

What to bring: Sunscreen, towel & bathing suit


Passengers who depart from Manuel Antonio will have the opportunity to see many interesting sites as they travel to Puntarenas (2 2½ hrs drive), the oldest port in Costa Rica. Crossing the Tarcoles River, you could observe some of the largest crocodiles in the world, wallowing in the muddy waters. No worries – you are safe within your tour bus. Continuing towards Puntarenas, the bus passes by Carrara National Park, a protected eco system of Rain Forest and home to the endangered Scarlet McCaws. These amazing birds mate for life. Pairs of these brilliantly red - feathered birds, with their distinctive squawk, can be seen flying in and out of the park. Awaiting you at Casa Calypso is a hot typical Costa Rican breakfast, served buffet style Following breakfast you will board Yacht Manta Raya for the magical Cruise to Tortuga Island. Once aboard, and after introductions to Manta Raya’s uniformed white clad crew they will release the yacht from her mooring and then the Captain will set sail for Tortuga Island. As you leave the estuary behind and sail to the entrance into the Gulf of Nicoya, your guide will highlight the interesting sites along the way.

Once Manta Raya enters the Gulf of Nicoya, it is time sit back, lie on the nets or sit in one of the deck pools and enjoy the cruise en route to beautiful Tortuga Island while the Manta Raya crew pampers you with fresh fruit and tropical drink favorites. Surprising discoveries await you as you pass the various islands in the beautiful Gulf of Nicoya. After only a 90 minute cruise across the gulf, Tortuga Island becomes visible directly ahead and the palm trees wave from shore welcoming you for the day. Watch as your Captain slows the catamaran Manta Raya and gently glides her up and onto the white sand beach for a safe landing. After a wonderful 5 hours at Tortuga Island filled with activities included in your tour package: swimming, snorkeling, beach chairs, hammocks, volley ball court, slack line and a banana boat ride plus a BBQ lunch - truly an exquisite dining experience featured in Gourmet Magazine, it is time to leave paradise.

Includes: Transportation, bilingual guide, typical breakfast, snacks & fruits, lunch and beverages, snorkeling equipment.

What to bring: Comfortable fresh clothes, sunglasses, bathing suit, camera, sandals, sunscreen and towel.



Come aboard as we cruise into the open sea, in search of spotted dolphins, migrating humpback whales, sea turtles and manta rays. As we make our way down the coastline of Manuel Antonio National Park, the mysterious islands, jagged cliffs and unique rock formations will look almost close to reach out and touch. These are the nesting grounds and home for numerous species of marine birds, including pelicans, boobies and ibises. While touring the coastline, the captain will point out sights of interest while giving a brief history of the area. After touring the coastline, we will anchor in a protected cove within the pristine Biesanz Bay for an unforgettable snorkeling adventure in the warm pacific waters. Afterwards, come back on board and enjoy the delicious lunch we will have prepared for you. Then the last leg of the tour is the trip back to Quepos dock.

The viewing of one of our dramatic sunsets on the way back to shore is an added bonus for those who enjoy our afternoon tour in the summer months.

Includes: Bilingual guide, snacks, lunch or dinner and beverages, round trip transportation from hotels in Manuel Antonio, snorkeling equipment.

What to bring: Comfortable fresh clothes, sunglasses with strap, bathing suit, waterproof camera, sandals, sunscreen, soft-soled shoes or sandals and towel.




Throughout the tour our great staff will be helping you in everything that you need and will invite you to join to all of our wonderful activities. Our tour includes a stop just offshore from the beaches of Manuel Antonio National Park at Playa Beisanz Rock, a perfect place to snorkel. For some, the best part may be plunging into the Pacific on one of the 15' waterslides, but look for clownfish, butterfly fish and angel fish which are plentiful at this spot. Our tour also includes the search of dolphins and whales and the afternoon cruise also affords the perfect opportunity to view on of Manuel Antonio spectacular sunsets.

The Ocean King docks at Marine Pez Vela in Quepos where guests are met by return transportation to their

hotels or destination, all complementary as part of the tour..

Ocean King has:

  • Two jacuzzis for more than 16 persons
  • Two giants tramponlines
  • Two cross slides
  • A giant bar
  • A main area for more than 100 people
  • A second floor for more than 150 people
  • Four bathrooms and four showers
  • Four rooms and a living room.

Dolphin and whale sighting (August—September—October)

Includes: Round trip transportation within Quepos and Manuel Antonio, fruits and snacks, food prepared and served on board, unlimited natural and soda drinks, 8 premium cocktails or beers, snorkeling with equipment and guide.

What to bring: Bathing suit, towel, sunglasses, sun lotion.