A Boutique Nature Resort

A Boutique Nature Resort

A Boutique Nature Resort

A Boutique Nature Resort

A Boutique Nature Resort

A Boutique Nature Resort



Hotel Byblos Resort & Casino

Measures Required by the Ministry of Health


  • Reservations must be made at least 24 hours before Check-in time (12MD-6p.m.)
  • Only 8 rooms available. Maximum occupancy 50%.
  • All reservations must be paid by card / deposit or transfer. Cash is not accepted.
  • Client must confirm arrival time and fill out the registration form beforehand and send it signed via email to: or via whatsapp +506 8709 9083. Client must accept health protocol and declare that there are no signs of fever, flu or symptoms related to COVID 19.


  • A la carte breakfast is available with restricted hours. Client must indicate the time of preference for breakfast to the receptionist according to protocol (Maximum capacity 50%).
  • Restaurants- open for lunch and dinner with protocol (maximum capacity 50%).
  • Open swimming pool with protocol (maximum capacity 25%).

Check-in / Check-out:

  • The client must be informed about the health protocol indicating that they can wash their hands and use gel alcohol available in all public areas and a courtesy mask will be provided to the client upon admission, if the client wishes.
  • Request to present identification at the window and deliver a signed registration sheet.
  • Information on health protocol, tours, restaurant menus and their schedules will be enabled online. The client can use QR code.
  • Rooms will be available for immediate delivery.
  • The bellhop and any collaborator must be duly protected with PPE.
  • Departure time 6 a.m.-12MD. Client must coordinate with the reception the day before the departure time, as well as any additional charge or towel delivery. The keys are left on the counter in the Reception area.

Uniform protocol and general care:

  • All company collaborators must enter and change into their uniform and leave it in the laundry room for proper disinfection.
  • Personnel must wear protective equipment (cover, gloves and mask) at all times while working and follow the parameters of hand washing continuously.

Cleaning service for rooms and common areas / maintenance staff:

  • Room cleaning service will be provided only if the client requests it.
  • The waitress, housekeepers and maintenance personnel must maintain a distance of at least 1.8 meters between themselves and the guest.
  • The change of towels and bedding will be done every three days in coordination with the client, unless the client decides not to make changes.
  • In the event of a maintenance report, the client and the collaborators must agree to do it while they are preferably not in the room or otherwise the client must wait on the balcony to maintain distance.
  • The person in charge of cleaning public areas should make sure to clean metal handles, surfaces and glass very thoroughly constantly.
  • The public area manager should make sure to leave liquid soap, paper towels and that the wash is working properly for proper use.

Handling of report of person with suspicious symptoms of COVID 19:

  • Everyone's responsibility is to report if they notice any signs of flu or fever symptoms from themselves or someone else on the premises.
  • All staff will report to reception at your check-in time before changing to take your temperature and report if you have been experiencing flu symptoms.
  • In the reception, a log will be kept of all the collaborators in the event that any one registers more than 36 ° of temperature and will be sent home not to improve in 30 minutes while isolating in a safe area and with a mask.
  • In the event of a suspicious case, the health center will be notified so that they can verify if it is just a suspicion or if the person is ill.
  • In the event that a person tests positive for COVID 19, whether they are a guest or a collaborator of the company, all persons in contact with the infected person should be isolated and followed up by the health center for their due procedure.


Hotel Byblos Management

Quepos, Costa Rica
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humidity: 54%
wind: 15mph ENE
H 84 • L 83

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